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Constanta Port Moves Forward with Port Community System Project

In a significant advancement for the digitalization of maritime activities, the Port of Constanta Administration is setting a landmark in the development of an integrated Port Community System (PCS). A recent presentation of a feasibility study by HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, in partnership with Critical Technologies, EN Shipping, and Saaresalu, has sparked momentum among port stakeholders.

During the presentation, this collaborative team unveiled technical and functional specifications for the PCS and proposed governance and business models. This consortium, which combines expertise from Germany, Estonia, and Romania, was established following their successful bid in a public tender, underscoring their combined vision for the future of port logistics.

The steps for designing the PCS included a series of roadshows to engage all port stakeholders, further fostering dialogue and refining the system's framework. This approach has revealed a remarkable eagerness from both private entities and public authorities to advance with the project.

A crucial aspect of the PCS's success will depend on supportive regulatory reforms. The system’s introduction is set to create a more efficient environment through digitalization, emphasizing the necessity for updated regulations that facilitate such advancements.

The PCS promises to transform the Port of Constanta into a more efficient and secure hub for maritime operations. Acting as a single window for the exchange of information, the system will integrate interactions between the port administration, companies, port operators, and crucial institutions like Customs and the Border Police. This connectivity is expected to streamline processes, reduce redundancies, and enhance security, making Constanta a model of modern maritime logistics.

HPC brings a wealth of experience to the PCS implementation, with a track record of successful projects across the globe. In countries such as Thailand, Brazil, Georgia, Switzerland, and Germany, HPC has led PCS initiatives spanning from requirement engineering, governance models to comprehensive IT integration support. This extensive background ensures that HPC not only understands the unique challenges of port digitalization but also possesses the expertise to effectively address and manage them.