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In a changing landscape of sustainability reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an important EU directive designed to improve the transparency and consistency of corporate sustainability reporting. This initiative is more than just an expansion of existing reporting guidelines; it is a comprehensive revision that requires detailed disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.

The CSRD establishes new benchmarks for sustainability in ports and terminals as well. It introduces the harmonized European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which ensure comparability and enforce the principle of "double materiality". This concept measures not only a company's impact on the environment and society but also analyzes how sustainability issues affect the company itself. Furthermore, the CSRD ensures compliance with emerging regulations and enhances transparency. It builds stakeholder trust and positions the company as a leader in sustainability, potentially attracting more investors and customers.

HPC emerges as your ally in this journey towards compliance and sustainable transition. We provide the expertise to navigate the complexities of CSRD, ensuring your organization not only meets the directive's requirements but thrives in a greener, more responsible era.


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HPC's SCOPE of CSRD services

Unveil Your Company's Sustainability Impact

HPC's suite of CSRD services provides a robust framework to support your company's sustainability reporting and compliance needs.

We cover a broad spectrum of activities, starting with an assessment of your organization's current status of data, processes, and sustainability communications.

We conduct a double materiality analysis in close collaboration with the client in accordance with EFRAG guidelines. This study involves a stakeholder analysis and a dive into your value chain to pinpoint sustainability impacts and dependencies. The analysis is crucial to understanding how your operations and sustainability issues intersect.

Additionally, we determine your company's relevant ESRS and carry out a gap analysis to identify discrepancies between your current practices and the materiality findings. This analysis helps prioritize the sustainability topics that are most significant to your business.

To facilitate ongoing monitoring and reporting, we guide you in selecting and implementing an optimal Business Intelligence (BI) tool or dashboard. This technology aids in continuously capturing and analysing data essential for informed decision-making.

Our service extends to assisting in compiling all necessary information and data points for each relevant ESRS, and we provide support throughout the process of creating compliant reports according to CSRD standards. HPC's services are designed to enhance transparency, strengthen stakeholder trust, and affirm your company's commitment to sustainability leadership, attracting more investors and customers.

Why Partner with HPC for Your CSRD Compliance

At HPC, we offer unparalleled expertise in the ports and forwarding industry, backed by a proven track record of successful sustainability projects within the sector. Our approach is practice-oriented and well-connected, ensuring that solutions are not only theoretical but also practical and applicable in real-world scenarios.

We are passionate and committed to driving improvement and fostering sustainable practices that make a tangible difference. Our services are modular, allowing for tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether it's conducting a stand-alone stakeholder analysis, focusing solely on your value chain, or performing a detailed materiality assessment, our flexible "building block" system ensures that you receive exactly the support you need.

Choose HPC to transform your approach to sustainability, where our enthusiasm and deep-rooted desire to enhance industry standards align with your company’s goals to create impactful, lasting change.

Port-Specific Expertise
Proven Track Record for Sustainability Projects
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