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Hamburg Port
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The Challenge

In the picturesque town of Villach in southern Austria, Terminal Service Austria (TSA) envisaged the further development of a combined cargo terminal - Villach Süd CCT - that would guarantee great flexibility regarding further market growth. HPC was chosen to design maximum final expansion scenarios as well as to model that first development phase towards these. The development plans were elaborated in close cooperation with the client using international benchmarks on achievable capacities of storage area, cargo handling tracks and terminal equipment. Besides working with the terminal team, close collaboration with the state-owned railway company's switching department in Villach was also required, since raising the terminal's capacity required adjustments in routine railway operations. Profiting from the company's trustworthy "Rail Terminal Development Model”, HPC presented fitting proposals to the client in a timely manner.

Tasks Performed

Beginning with a detailed analysis of terminal development options that existed from the onset, the services required calculating Villach’s storage, track, and equipment capacities for long-term development. This included defining market parameters based on the client’s traffic forecast, analyzing the terminal’s actual cargo handling data, as well as highlighting the impact alternative parameters would have on the overall capacity. Determined to enable a smooth transition, HPC held several workshops with the terminal’s management, infrastructure planning, and switching departments, the business development unit, and other terminal staff.

Benefits to the client

Leaning on expertise, years of experience, and its proven models for developing rail terminals, HPC delivered a timely recommendation of a first development phase of Villach’s combined transport terminal. The model suited the client’s requested flexibility in future expansion options and provided recommendations for the most suitable final development.

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Frank Busse
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