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The Challenge

The overall objective of the project is to improve operational and financial performance by means of implementing a Financial and Operational Improvement Programme (the FOPIP) for the ferry operator Izdeniz in Izmir, Turkey. The Consultant has prepared a comprehensive, long term improvement programme (Financial and Operational Improvement Programme – FOPIP) for the Company and the City to improve its sea ferry transport services, focusing on operations and financial performance. The FOPIP will feature a long term review of the existing and future financial, technical, institutional, staffing, legal, environmental, social, public service contract and public-private partnership aspects of the Company’s and City’s operations.

Tasks Performed

  • Assessment of existing situation and development perspectives
  • Assessment of Izdeniz ferry development potential
  • Market and competition analyses
  • Review of organisational and management issues
  • Developing an operational performance programme
  • Developing a financial improvement programme
  • Assessment of other business opportunities
  • Overall assessment of development plans and development of recommendations

Benefit to Client

  • Transparent and efficient loan management