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Hamburg Port

The Challenge

Based on the analysis of the airport’s actual accessibility by means of public transport and the socio-economic parameters in the catchment area, numerous proposals for the improvement of long- and short-distance train connections to and from Leipzig/Halle Airport were elaborated. In addition, suggestions for long-distance and regional bus transport were prepared. In the final work package propositions for an improved information of travelers and the design of applicable ticket fares were made.

Tasks Performed

  • Analysis of current public transport services at Leipzig/Halle Airport and relevant socio-economic parameters in the catchment area
  • Development of implementation-oriented approaches for an improved integration of the airport within the regional public transport system, e.g. through optimized routings
  • Preparation of proposals for an improved market positioning of the airport by better integration into existing and planned long distance rail services
  • Elaboration of suggestions for enhanced passenger information and competitive ticket fare offerings

Benefit to Client

The study provided the Client with a comprehensive toolbox on the improvement of the airport’s accessibility by means of public transport. Viewed as a whole, the catalogue of individual measures thereby constituted a sound basis for negotiations with the relevant stakeholders in the field of public transport (e.g. public authorities and transport operators).

Dr. Olaf Zeike

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Dr. Olaf Zeike
Project Director

Malte Steenbeck

Malte Steenbeck
Airport Expert

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