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Hamburg Port
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The Challenge

With the planned construction of a new container terminal in the port of Bangkok, truck traffic will increase even further. Given the already heavily congested road network, HPC was contracted to investigate the impact of this additional traffic in the framework of a port masterplan project. Using HPC's proven inhouse traffic simulation tool HPCsim, different street network layouts comprising roads, intersections and roundabouts were modelled and analysed to identify the most suitable layout with regards to smooth traffic flow, short driving times and construction effort.

Tasks Performed

  • Develop different layout variants for the port’s main access road and intersections to the individual terminals
  • Create a simulation model of the road and the adjacent terminal areas
  • Define different realistic future traffic scenarios including the effects of a truck appointment system and port wide truck ban times
  • Validate the road layout and propose the most suitable one
  • Determine truck turnaround times in peak situations and number of required waiting slots for trucks during ban times

Benefit to Client

Client received a working road layout that

  • contributed to reducing congestion and truck turnaround times, especially around noon peak times
  • helped him invest in reasonable infrastructure


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Dennis Kögeböhn
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Carsten Eckert
Operations & Simulation Expert

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