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Hamburg Port

The Challenge

Seeing the ever-increasing need for the international maritime industry to come up to increasingly strict environmental regulations and, on top of this, a chance of improving profitability, our Client early realised the unique opportunity to develop an energy-efficient and green port. However, there is no established industrial standard on how to become an energy sustainability leader. Against this background, the Client awarded HPC a contract to develop a well-coordinated strategy to increase the energy sustainability of their port operations and thus improve the port’s climate resilience and environmental performance. The findings of this project revealed the urgent need for action as there was much room for environmental improvement for almost all terminals settled in the Client’s port. In the course of the study, HPC identified a broad range of promising measures that the Client can apply to foster energy sustainability in their port area.

Tasks Performed

  • Assess the Client’s current environmental performance
  • Identify best-in-class ports and terminals in terms of energy sustainability by developing an Energy Sustainability Benchmark Model
  • Identify, evaluate and prioritise energy sustainability measures to provide recommendations on improving energy sustainability in the Client’s port
  • Develop a timeline for the implementation of the most promising measures
  • Provide the Client with guidelines to ensure a faster uptake of the recommended energy sustainability initiatives
  • Prepare related reports and presentations

Benefit to Client

  • Valuable information on the port’s current environmental performance; internally as well as in comparison to their competitors
  • Hands-on guidelines on how to improve the level of energy sustainability in a cost-efficient manner
  • Comprehensive framework for environmentally friendly port operations



Olaf Schulz

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Olaf Schulz
Equipment Engineer

Dennis Kögeböhn

Dennis Kögeböhn
Port Planning & Operations Expert

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