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Hamburg Port

Work Safety

Safety first!

Port operations, e.g. handling of dangerous cargo and hazardous goods, represent a potential safety risk if not managed appropriately and effectively. Owing to its complex nature, working in a port still implies very high accident risks. Hence, we follow the ultimate goal of port safety management, which is prevention and eliminating injuries and accidents by avoiding the port employees’ exposure to any hazardous conditions as far as possible.

Safety management is based on risk assessment, i.e. a systematic approach to identify any potential hazard, to analyse and evaluate the risks associated with each particular hazard, and to determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control potential dangers.

Why HPC?

HPC provides long-standing experience with port safety-related projects and – under the brand of its former subsidiary HPTI – even developed a specific training course in compliance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code). This course contains internationally mandatory requirements for the handling and storage of dangerous goods carried by sea and was assessed and certified by DNV-GL. As the Code is subject to bi-annual revisions and amendments, HPC is continuously updating the course’s contents accordingly to offer a high-quality training that always meets the latest IMDG Code requirements.

In addition, we benefit from our mother company’s long-standing and continuously improved health and safety measures for terminal operations, HHLA being a frontrunner with respect to port safety.

Your benefits

We help port or terminal operators meet national and international rules and regulations. Direct benefits of a well-managed health and safety program include:

• Cut in accident rates that may help reduce health care insurance cost
• Reduced risk of fines and litigation
• Less frequent staff change and improved staff morale lead to increased productivity.
• Better image of the port or terminal operator


Our approach

HPC offers on-site safety audits and consultancy to assist ports or terminal operators to proactively pursue and maintain a compliant safety program in accordance with internationally agreed and up-to-date standards.

In this capacity we conducted several assignments, e.g.:

• Development of safety management systems for new facilities (e.g. the world’s first fully automated container terminal in Hamburg)
• Auditing the port work safety arrangements of existing port facilities (e.g. in the Ports of Odessa, Ukraine; Bandar Abbas, Iran, and Vostochny, Russia)

Our experience

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