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Hamburg Port

Transport Economics

We help create a fundamental and up-to-date understanding of the port and transport industry and provide the basis for decision-making

The motivation behind almost every transport and logistics project is to facilitate the transport of goods and passengers and to improve the supply chain efficiency for commodities that are either produced or demanded by an economy. Developing new transport projects or increasing the efficiency of existing port and logistics services can therefore encourage the economic development of a whole region, while poor infrastructure often provides an obstacle towards economic development.

In order to plan an infrastructure project that is financially and economically feasible, we assure that your transport logistics services are tailor-made for the economy they serve. As each economy is different in terms of its cargo mix, geography as well as its trade partners and economic structure, in our approaches we consider all the different components of an economy to develop a distinct transport solution for the specific economy.

At HPC, our transport economists are well experienced in understanding the needs of each economy and offer deep insights and expertise in the following areas:

  • Market studies, including competition analyses, traffic forecasts and transport demand modelling
  • Financial analyses, including tariff studies and estimates for investment costs (Capital expenditures and operational expenses)
  • Economic evaluation of projects, including cost benefit analyses and economic impact assessments
  • Financing and investment considerations
  • Advice and support during privatisation processes
  • Institutional strengthening, policy and strategy development

Why HPC?

Our economists are not only highly qualified in the fields of economics and finance, but are also able to demonstrate profound knowledge of the port and logistics sector and possess a deep understanding of involved processes from sketch to implementation. This multidisciplinary knowledge allows for customized analyses and tailor-made solutions for each project, be it a sea port, an airport or an intermodal terminal. Based on our history of more than 40 years of experience and having worked together with all major development banks and various governments, our transport economists are well prepared to tackle challenging tasks in all places of the world.

Your benefits

  • Understanding fundamental conditions and effects of your project
  • Careful and project-oriented analysis of market and competitive environment
  • Assessment of traffic potentials, key drivers, and risks
  • Robust foundation for operations planning and financial assessments
  • Determination of the economic viability of a port or terminal development project
  • Quantification of expected benefits of a development project as a basis for decision-making
  • High expertise in customer and operator markets and access to international and regional port investors
  • Decision-making framework and guidelines for a suitable financing strategy
  • Roadmap for the strategic development of ports and terminals

Our approach

At HPC, we deploy a wide range of well-proven and continuously improved economic and statistical tools to conduct economic and financial analyses. These tools are refined with specific industry knowledge and detailed analyses about the specific economy in order to provide a robust basis for port and terminal planning. Direct connections with industry representatives from various stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector worldwide allow our transport economists to always stay ahead of industry developments and provide access to international and regional investors.

Our experience

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