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Hamburg Port

Terminal Planning & Logistics

Bring Hamburg-grown port and terminal planning expertise into the world

The dynamic, ever changing environment of the maritime and transport industry currently significantly influences not only the shipping lines but also the terminal operators. Growing volumes and vessel sizes together with high-peak situations demand for suitable adaption to market requirements.

There may be organisational, operational or physical requirements to develop new terminals along with the expansion or conversion of existing facilities.

Whether it is container or bulk, passenger, multipurpose or intermodal terminals, we know that the challenges to be tackled are as unique as the cargo to be handled.

Why HPC?

Back in the 1970s, HPC was founded with the intention to promote Hamburg-grown port and terminal planning expertise into the world. This evident operational background still is what we base our success on and is what our clients around the globe value.

With the terminal planning of intermodal and marine terminals being our bread-and-butter business, we always keep the big picture in mind and systematically assess every facility from the bird’s eye perspective – mindfully considering all possible bottlenecks, superstructure and IT landscape.

Your benefits

Although quantifiable mathematical results are an important part of our work, above all, it is our senior expertise and advice which makes the difference. No matter, whether it is minor specifics or major problems that keep you awake at night, we will jointly find the most suitable solution, properly prepared to meet your and your stakeholder’s individual requirements. Our development roadmap will be the foundation for decision-making of, but not limited to, private and public investors, civil engineers, communities and residents.


Our approach

Setting a sound fundamental, every project commences with a thorough on-site fact-finding, taking organisational, operational and physical characteristics into consideration. A key understanding of the unique local situation along with constant communication is key to every successful project.

Our holistic approach is based on a capacity-deficiency analysis to determine potential bottlenecks. For this, we undertake a detailed capacity assessment, including determination of the current terminal capacity, the required capacity and the capacity potential. Also, different terminal systems (mostly determined by the handling equipment) will be analysed to identify the most suitable operational set-up for the individual facility.

All planning activities are carried out in a combination of deployment of our customized in-house calculation tools and result interpretation by our senior terminal planning experts to consider state-of-the-art industry standards.

All terminal planning projects are prepared as staged development, expansion or conversion plans, indicating development steps on a year basis along with appropriate drawings.

Our experience

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