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Hamburg Port

Software Solutions

Engineering software solutions based on operational expertise

Since the 1980s HPC has developed software for the logistics sector worldwide including shipping lines, freight forwarding companies and terminal operators. Our main focus in software development lies on individualised software for small applications, controls up to full terminal operating system suites.

Why HPC?

While our software engineers are experts in modern software technologies, they are process experts in the logistics sector as well. HPC’s software engineers have a wide range of expertise with different technologies in very complex project environments. This includes automation, app development and digital work environment and makes HPC an efficient software development partner in the logistics sector.

Your benefits

Integrating our clients’ key users into the development process from the start, our software products enable operations people to perform their work efficiently and to improve the complete operations process.

  • Continuous feedback on functionality
  • Early availability of software
  • Fully accepted software product
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Reduced training effort
  • Flexible integration into our clients' system landscape
  • Ensuring that our clients' systems are highly available and up to date


We develop our software using an iterative approach based on the agile software development framework Scrum, which ensures that our software products perfectly meet our Client’s needs. It is our mission to get to understand our Client’s wishes and individualities like the back of our hand. With our true terminal operating expertise, we have what it takes to engineer, implement and operate state-of-the-art software technology.


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