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Hamburg Port

Port Security (ISPS)

Secure ports grant reliable supply chains

Ever since the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, as an amendment of the SOLAS Convention, came into effect in July 2004, the port security topic has been part of HPC’s range of services.

Since ships and commercial ports generally present a “high risk” target, port security and compliance with the ISPS Code is as much a quality characteristic as it is imperative for conducting international sea trade.

To this end HPC can provide expert knowledge for supporting port and shipping operators in achieving and maintaining ISPS compliance as well as training company staff in ISPS matters.

Why HPC?

Even before the ISPS Code was put into effect, HPC became part of a panel tasked with preparing the implementation of the prospective security plan at our parent company HHLA’s port terminals. Emanating from this early involvement in the port security sector, and honing its knowledge and experience ever since, HPC has provided consultancy services with regard to the ISPS Code for port facilities worldwide, including:

  • Review of existing security management systems
  • Performing security surveys for ports / port facilities
  • Providing advice for Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) in planning security duties
  • Supporting ports / port facilities with the execution of Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSA) and the development of Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP)
  • Conducting mandatory security training for PFSOs as well as other port personnel assigned with security-relevant duties

Your benefits

HPC’s security consultants combine the knowledge of training supervisors for ISPS topics with the practical know-how of former PFSOs. This grants HPC the option of a dual approach to ISPS topics since any assignment can be surveyed from both a theoretical standpoint (based on the current regulation and training standards) as well as evaluated in terms of the practical implementation of any required measure at individual ports or port facilities based on actual PFSO experience.


Our approach

Every security issue requires a unique approach based on the individual port or terminal layout, size, and commodities handled, its surroundings, the general threat situation and numerous other factors. With our highly qualified consultants, HPC is capable of adapting to and taking into consideration all these relevant factors to produce a valuable result by assisting clients in gaining, granting or improving the security of their facilities.

Our experience