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Hamburg Port

Hydrography & Dredging

We are experts in the field of hydrography & dredging consultancy services

Hydrography is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, as well as with the prediction of their change over time, for the primary purpose of safety of navigation. Knowledge of water depths, currents, waves, etc. is absolutely necessary for the planning and design of new ports or the extension of existing ports and their accesses/channels, as well as the subsequent control of the implemented construction measures.

Why HPC?

HPC merges its in-house leading-edge technology in port planning and operations proven by some 1,600 logistic projects with profound knowledge in hydrography and dredging. Due to the professional understanding of our customers’ business we can perfectly define their requirements for hydrographic data and tailor-made dredging technologies in the context of port development projects.

Your benefits

  • Based on operational understanding in cooperation with our knowledge in hydrography and dredging we do enable our clients to closely follow the very cost-intensive dredging works.
  • You save construction costs while ensuring high quality of works.

Our approach

HPC advises clients, such as port administrations and terminal operators in the specification, tendering, monitoring and evaluation of hydrographic surveys. Together with external service providers, we also offer complete hydrographic surveys, from planning to delivery of analogue or digital plans to customers.

For the construction of new ports and the extension or maintenance of existing ports and their entrances, we provide expert knowledge to advise our clients on dredging works. Our portfolio covers the entire range from the planning and tendering of dredging works, also according to the FIDIC or World Bank standards, through the construction supervision up to the acceptance and taking-over of the dredging works.

Our experience

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