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Hamburg Port


Funding makes your innovative or sustainable business idea fly

Maintaining or building up competitive advantages in a fast-changing economic environment is essential for business development and even survival of each company. Consequently, being a forerunner in developing smart business ideas, innovative concepts or sustainable products as well as investing in future technologies ensures your company’s future. This task often requires cooperation with national and/or international partners or research institutes, a high R&D budget and personnel which can overextend your company’s resources. At this point, existing opportunities for public funding are often not used. Especially in the transport and logistics sector, there are a number of possibilities for public co-financing, such as infrastructure measures, technical and technological innovations and the operation of new transport connections.

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Why HPC?

HPC merges its in-house leading-edge technology in successful funding project applications with experience from some 1,600 logistic projects. This leads to an easy and professional understanding of your logistic customers’ business, followed by approved funding applications with financial support for your innovative and/or sustainable business ideas.

Your benefits

Based on operational understanding, experience and proven integrity we provide you an easy access to additional financial resources from public sources, ensuring your commercial success and competitiveness. The best thing is that the fees for our services are covered by the provided funding, so no extra costs for you.


HPC supports you with the acquisition of transport-related funding opportunities as well as with related administration. We cover the entire funding management portfolio, which includes:

  • European funding programs
  • Programs of the German federal and regional authorities 
  • International / European cooperation programs
  • Support programs for experimental development and industrial research

Our service range covers all stages of the funding management. HPC identifies funding programs that are consistent with your development and investment plans as well as your strategic objectives. Subsequently, we create a suitable application for funding and act as your central point of contact for the approving authorities and committees. In addition, we administrate the funding projects, both in terms of content and administration, from the project initiation upon receipt of the grant application to the final examination at the end of the project.

In the field of funding management we are building on a long-term experience by supporting a large number of national and international customers from the transport sector in their publicly funded projects. For example, for HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG – one of the largest port and terminal operators in Europe – we elaborated funding applications leading to amounts of 5-6 million Euro co-financing p.a. throughout the previous years.

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