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Hamburg Port

Engineering Consulting

We make your investment pay back quickly

Looking at a port like a production system, we know the core elements which keep your system up and running. With our sound engineering expertise, we focus on

  • Equipment
  • Staff & work processes
  • Maintenance & repair status
  • Quality (of workmanship and services)

Why HPC?

Providing all services related to your “production system” from one competent hand, you benefit from one single point of communication obtaining the knowledge and contacts you require. In the course of numerous projects successfully implemented throughout the world, we offer comprehensive and practice-proven experience and focus on the integration of engineering aspects into the related IT-landscape (i.e. Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)). What make HPC’s services unique in this field are our profound operations background and our long-standing engineering expertise. In particular our in-house quality assurance tool precisely guides our equipment inspections, reflecting the experience gained during our long-lasting involvement in the industry. With hundreds of technical specifics included, our custom tool assures coverage of all technical bits and pieces to be considered during equipment inspection process.

Your benefits

  • Guided, transparent and clear step-by-step procurement process
  • Enhanced equipment availability and work safety
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Considerable CAPEX savings (e.g. if you manage to enhance the availability of a ship-to-shore container gantry crane by 10%, this will create a revenue increase of around US$ 875k a year or US$ 21m over 25 years.)
  • Full-service provider

Our approach

With some 40 years of experience in the field of procurement assistance, our services include

• Equipment audits at your site, assessing the current status to identify immediate and mid-term action needed to maintain and enhance safe and reliable operations, deriving future investment needs,
• Elaborating technical specifications for any kind of port and container handling equipment as well as for workshop buildings and gear, tools and lifting devices, duly considering electrification and/or automation aspects, as well as
• Construction supervision at the manufacturers’ and acceptance tests at our clients’ sites.

We take care of automation of both, equipment and whole terminals, and integrate your Terminal Operating System (TOS) with the Equipment Control System (ECS) of your equipment in place or to be procured.

We also develop workshop organisation and design concepts, which include the implementation of a new or the improvement of an existing Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) - as the case may be. Through a lean maintenance assessment, we help you optimise your M&R procedures by implementing short & long-term actions for a strategic swing towards preventive and reliability-centered maintenance.

Our experience

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