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A new look for our 45th anniversary

Over the past 45 years, HPC has grown. We help clients all over the world with a wide range of challenges the port and terminal sectors have been facing. 45 is an age of an update. As we have adapted to the world that surrounds us during the special year 2020, we wanted to revise how we present ourselves to that world. We built on our solid experience and the determination to embrace change and reveal a vital, agile, and dynamic presence, working hard to help to shape the logistics supply chain safer, smarter, and more sustainable. 

Our new look is an evolution that breathes new vigour into our efforts. When we began our transformation process starting in the previous year, we were challenged by the need to bring together everything that HPC is doing and to mirror it to market needs and global trends.  

What we do is comprehensive end-to-end consulting and software solutions for the port, terminal, and hinterland that are transforming into connected hubs to maintain a smooth flow of cargo and information within the global supply chain. With strategical and operational expertise, digitalisation know-how, and a passion for detail, we focus on the essentials of innovative and future-proof asset development and operations. We zoom into a problem and see how we can deploy the most sustainable solution for our client. We work together with the client teams and adopt the essential to the specific context. Like us, our logo is the result of focusing on the essence. 

We are in the process of refreshing our website and communications to better reflect what we stand for: driving constantly effective operations, innovations, and sustainable growth for the transport supply chain.  

We hope you like our new look as much as we do. We look forward to growing, adapting, and expanding with you in the coming years!