HPC with new MD duo

Dr Nils Kemme has been appointed Managing Director of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting. His appointment, effective from September, completes HPC’s dual leadership by seasoned experts promoted from its own ranks. Nils Kemme has been working at HPC for a decade in various management positions. Together with fellow Managing Director Suheil Mahayni, he will be driving the further development of consulting services and digital solutions for the global port and logistics industry.

Nils Kemme has been closely associated with terminal operations since his university days. A business economist specialising in logistics, he conducted research on the optimisation of Automated Guided Vehicles AGV at Container Terminal Altenwerder, part of the HHLA Group, and wrote his doctorate on simulation-based planning and optimisation of container terminals.

As a terminal planner at HPC, he has developed numerous planning and optimisation projects aimed at operational efficiency and has established HPC’s own simulation department. With his team, he has successfully implemented more than 40 such simulation projects. Additionally, Nils Kemme has brought into focus significant features in the areas of sustainability and electrification of equipment. Having assumed the role of a partner in 2019, he has since taken responsibility for shaping the company. 

"With Nils Kemme, we have gained a renowned expert in the industry as well as a confident leader," says Suheil Mahayni. "As an insider, he is also very familiar with the DNA of the companies within our group.  I am really looking forward to our cooperation."

The joint MDs are united in their motivation: "Together we can demonstrate how we want to develop our organisation: customer-, team- and technology-oriented," says Nils Kemme. "With climate change, the demands of energy transformation and new technologies, the global port and logistics industry is facing major challenges.  We must meet these with a strong team possessing a great deal of expertise, motivation and a good connection to the customer," adds Suheil Mahayni.