Estonian-German-Georgian Team Finalized EBRD-financed Feasibility Study for Port Community System in Georgia

Estonian companies Cone Center OÜ, E.N. Shipping Services OÜ, Saaresalu OÜ, and HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH from Germany and Plisk Ltd from Georgia have successfully handed over a Feasibility Study for Port Community System (PCS) development in Georgia. The final beneficiary of the work is the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. The project is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) and supported by the Georgia Investors Council Secretariat.

PCS is an electronic platform that connects various port management systems, ensuring a secure and fast exchange of information between the stakeholders - the port, the public and private sectors. The feasibility study analyses the costs and benefits of the PCS and envisages the development and implementation process of the information system. While operational, the PCS will help upgrade the management and automation of ports and logistics processes, improve inter-agency coordination in Georgia and significantly reduce administrative burden and bureaucracy. 

At the Stakeholder Working Group Meeting closing the feasibility study project Catarina Bjorlin Hansen, Regional Director of EBRD, emphasised the key role of PCS’s development in Georgia’s regional competitiveness. Gumar Guramishvili, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders that have given input throughout the process. Tamar Ioseliani, Director of the Georgian Maritime Transport Authority, highlighted cooperation as the key to success. A PCS stakeholder Temeli Shashikashvili from the LAM Shipping Agencies emphasised the role of digital technologies in efficient and sustainable port operations. 

Project Manager Eero Naaber from E. N. Shipping Services states, "We have proposed a roadmap to incorporate the best international logistics business experiences fitting the Georgian national interests and practicability”. Dmitry Lipodat, Solutions Architect at Cone Center, summarises: “A PCS for maritime logistics is like a smartphone for people. You can live without it, but in the modern rhythm of life, it is not possible to be effective”. In addition to that, Heiner Bachmann from HPC confirms: “I am convinced that the implementation of a Port Community System will improve the efficiency of customs and logistics services in Georgian seaports, and it will support the ambition to make Georgia a logistics hub in the region”. Logistics Expert Riina Palu adds that “Digitization of national supply chains contributes to smooth and integrated global logistics management”.

About the Consultants:

Cone Center is a team of professionals with experience implementing their own IT solutions in the transport & logistics area and integrating with other data systems. The company's employees have more than 20 years of experience in the international market. The company offers IT solutions for a wide range of participants in multimodal cargo transportation chains, such as shipping lines and their agents, forwarders, and cargo carriers. There have been IT systems developed and implemented for the container, RO-RO, liquid, bulk, and complex terminals, depot, and automotive logistics hubs. More than 250 clients are allocated in 22 countries from Europe to the Far East. Cone Center is the creator of the Estonian Maritime Single Window (EMDE) and has been its developer and maintainer since the launch of the solution in 2012 ( Cone Center is also the creator and owner of the Estonian Port Community System ( 

Plisk Ltd is a Georgian maritime consulting company established in 2019.  The company specialises in maritime law and policy, maritime environment, and maritime education. The team members are Georgian maritime professionals with a solid working background in the maritime sector and relevant education, as well as possessing working experience in both the public and private sectors. Since its establishment, the company has been working very actively with the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. Moreover, Plisk’s team participated in NMSW Feasibility Study development, providing maritime law and policy analysis.

Saaresalu was established in April 2010. The first client was the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association (Estonian Logistics Cluster). The Lead Consultant Riina Palu was the main consultant for the cluster strategy and applications for financing. The strategy also involved an ICT approach for the cluster’s competitiveness. Saaresalu is offering tailor-made services for a limited number of public and private sector clients in public relations, governmental relations, investment promotion, economic development and international business development, events organising and promotion, project management, and is focusing on the maritime sector. Saaresalu possesses an extensive global network in the public sector and in maritime. 

Eneve Invest has been acting in maritime business under the brand name E.N. Shipping Services since October 2020, when its services were extended to the maritime domain. E.N. Shipping Services focuses on digital transformation in the maritime domain, provides consultation on international and national (Estonian) maritime legislation, and assists ship owners to reflag to Estonia. It specialises in project initiation, team assembling, project management, and delivery. E.N. Shipping Services CEO Eero Naaber acts as a project manager in the current undertaking.