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Hamburg Port


HPC and Sellhorn support the Government of St. Lucia to develop an effective organizational structure for its infrastructure ministry

St. Lucia is located in the Caribbean hurricane belt. Over the past decades, natural hazards have repeatedly caused significant damage to the country’s infrastructure, thereby also disrupting essential services and presenting setbacks for major sectors of the economy. In order to reduce St. Lucia’s vulnerability to weather-induced disasters, the government aims to implement an organizational structure in its Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy (DIPE), which enables efficient disaster prevention measures and allows fast and flexible reactions in case of emergency.

First container ever transported on the river Ganges with support from HPC

Since the beginning of 2017, HPC advises the National Inland Waterway Authority of India (IWAI) on the implementation of inland waterway transport on the National Waterway-1, which includes large parts of the river Ganges. India has a millennia-long culture of using their holy river Ganges for cultural, social and economic purposes.

Port Innovation Conference at HPC’s a full success

HPC and SAP successfully hosted their jointly-organised Port Innovation Conference held at HPC’s premises at Hamburg’s Container Terminal Altenwerder on 16th and 17th October 2018.

Among the invited guests were operations and IT managers as well as CEOs of international ports and terminals. Some 30 representatives followed the invitation, i.a. from the Middle East, Africa, different European countries and from German ports.

Research project INTERACt has started

The development of autonomous trucks having recently progressed at a high pace, it is most likely that such vehicles will be brought to series production in the coming years. To tap the benefits of autonomous driving along the entire transport chain, it is indispensable to use those vehicles, which are primarily developed for autonomous driving on public roads, also on terminal areas and to integrate them into local terminal operations. In pursue of this motivation, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is co-funding the current project as part of their IHATEC program. Apart from HPC, consortium partners are CTD Container Transport Dienst and Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

HPC assists Puerto Central S.A. (PCE) in managing their growing business

PCE has approached us to assist in preparing and optimising their storage yard in San Antonio/Chile by a yard simulation and optimisation study. The study will analyse and identify the most efficient yard setup for increasing handling volumes per call and heavy peak situations, and determine required numbers of container handling equipment by means of our dynamic terminal simulation tool, HPCsim.

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