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Looking back at a most rewarding event

What a great opportunity and pleasure it was to meet so many of our clients and partners in Rotterdam last week! HPC was represented with a large team. Here’s what three of them say:

Our Director of Simulation, Dr Nils Kemme, spoke at TECH TOC seminar Data Driven Decisions and Digital Resilience. Nils is convinced that “a major trend at the TOC was the use of available data to make well founded decisions on planning and optimisation of terminal operations based on objective facts. Against this background, simulation is considered a cornerstone for any terminal planning and optimisation project, enabling terminals to make fully informed decisions on planned investments and operational changes.” .

Dr Stefan Wiech, Manager of HPC’s team of IT Consultants, moderated the TECH TOC session about the future of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS): “Thank you to our excellent speakers and the great audience for the fruitful discussions during our session last Tuesday. We discovered that modularity, flexibility and scalability are highly important for the future. A state-of-the art TOS is an integration platform, which can flexibly adapt to new disruptive technologies and which is completely integrated into the supply chain. TOS providers more and more offer their systems as a service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and further guidance through the system supplier landscape.”

Our IT Strategy Consultant, Dr Jennifer Sommer, says “I was happy taking part as a speaker at the very first Millennials in Maritime panel session organised by INFORM – the audience seemed to enjoy this different approach to discussion, so I am glad that we could contribute to it.”

See you again next year!



Delays cost money

Did you know that up to 50 percent of the total costs of international and intercontinental transport chains arise in ports?

There is an enormous savings potential in port and terminal operations that you can uncover and pass on to your customers as a cost advantage. Stay competitive and optimize your processes while improving service quality for your customers. Those who wait less, thereby saving money, come back more often.

Don't wait any longer, let's open up! Let's develop your digitalization strategy together with us today. Rely on more than 40 years of international port consulting expertise and utilize more than 20 years of port software development.

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Join HPC’s comprehensive team of experts and hear about interesting topics at the TOC

Learn more about the sessions and topics Nils Kemme, Jennifer Sommer, Stefan Wiech and Alexis Pangalos will moderate and present.




In addition, HPC will be represented by the following experts who look forward to many interesting encounters!

  • Danai Antonopoulou, Senior IT Consultant
  • Pablo Bowen, Senior IT Consultant
  • Pascal Brockmann, Senior IT Consultant
  • Sven Daniels, Partner & Director IT
  • Carsten Eckert, Senior Simulation Consultant
  • Ehab Habib, Senior IT Consultant
  • Dr. Felix Kasiske, Managing Director & Partner
  • Dennis Kögeböhn, Partner - Terminal Planning & Logistics
  • Sahar Lemanczyk, Senior IT Consultant
  • Torsten Neubert, Senior IT Consultant
  • André Martin Nielsen, Senior IT & Shipping Consultant
  • Sarah Osman, Engineering Consultant
  • Olaf Schulz, Senior Engineering Consultant 
  • Jan Niklas Sikorra, Senior IT Consultant
  • Arthur Touzot, Senior IT & Shipping Consultant
  • Sarah Voss, Senior IT Consultant


Assessment of economic benefits of Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport

Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport is located in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. It serves the air transport demand of several surrounding cities (e.g. Bielefeld, Gütersloh, Paderborn and Soest) and counts 700,000 passengers as well as 42,000 aircraft movements per year. The airport is also home base of important aviation industry companies and suppliers, including aircraft maintenance companies, business aviation operators, and flying schools for commercial pilots. The airport is owned by public shareholders who assure its financing.

Our Challenge

The airport company, its shareholders, and three regional Chambers of Commerce contracted HPC to deliver a comprehensive documentation of the economic effects of the airport for the region. HPC is closely cooperating with the client to illustrate these economic effects as well as to document related catalytic benefits. In doing so, we are dealing with the following questions: What is the impact of the improved accessibility the airport provides to the adjacent regions? Can competition between the surrounding regions for e.g. investments improve the attractiveness of the airport’s catchment area?

Benefit to the Client

By calculating the direct, indirect and induced economic effects of the companies based at the airport, we are preparing a very detailed data basis for our client. In this way, he can create transparency for the public, e.g. on the number of jobs, the level of wages and salaries or the economic consequences.



HPC supports the successful use of funding programmes

There are numerous national and international funding programs in the field of logistics that support the development of IT innovations, environmentally friendly transport solutions or even new energy management systems.

For many logistics companies and transport infrastructure operators, access to the various funding programs is very time-consuming when they deal with them for the first time. The application procedure itself, but also subsequent project administration will be a challenging task for any potential applicant so that some good project idea may not be realized in the end.

Project Objective

With many years of experience and numerous successful applications, we have the expertise to take this job from our customers. With our qualified support, they will still be able to get the necessary co-financing for their future-oriented investments and research projects.

Our Service - Your Advantage

We support our customers with various national programs funding combined transport, the increase of energy efficiency or the use of electro-mobility. At European level, we offer the same service, e.g. for funding applications related to the development of transport infrastructure, research projects or transnational cooperation projects between public administrations of transport infrastructures.

In case the funding programme decides in favour of the proposed project, the applicant will save additional expenses: With quotas of 50-80%, the provided funding will cover the costs for both preparing the application and subsequent project administration.

In April, we have created and submitted four project sketches under BMVI’s program "IHATEC Innovative Port Technologies" for our parent company HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG. The IHATEC programme accompanies HHLA's and other German port managements’ innovation efforts and supports research projects. The focus is on introducing product innovations and new port technologies and driving better use of IT in ports and logistics chains.

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