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Hamburg Port

Maritime digitalisation is on the rise. The Corona Year 2020 finally brought the wake-up call for the industry that provided the decisive impetus for action. The strategic goal is rather obvious: to achieve the connectivity between existing terminal systems to enable a smooth information flow throughout the maritime supply chain. Effective communication within all systems and stakeholders – a vision that is written in seconds but requires good preparation and well thought-out integration strategies in practice.

What are the integration strategies that have been proven for which use cases? How can the terminal systems be reliably networked? How can added value be achieved for terminal operators through networking? How can digitalisation help to enable small and middle-size port stakeholders to benefit from digitalisation as well? 

These questions will be addressed at the 2nd Port Integration Days 2021, which will take place as a hybrid event on 23 and 24 February 2021. The two hosts, compacer and HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, have put together an exciting agenda full of successful application examples. In four blocks of two sessions, the event aims to make the topic port integration more tangible.

Let’s have a look at the agenda of the first day, which is dedicated to the topics “Industrial Automation” and “Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance”.

What does the digital future hold for the port community? According to Dr. Christian Langer, Chief Digital Officer at HHLA, attractive new digital business models fostering an intensive integration across the supply chain. In his keynote “Digitalisation – New Business Opportunities for Ports”, he will reflect on chances and strategic approaches of how to monetarise digitalisation for the maritime supply chain.

In the first topic block, "Industrial Automation", attendees can look forward to a customer success story from compacer and the Antwerp Euroterminal NV. The second session is dedicated to applied IoT integration with the help of sensors utilising anticollision laser scanners for remote terminal operation monitoring. It is planned to show the latter in a live demonstration. Stay tuned.

In the second block, “Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance”, compacer will give an insight in the implementation of condition monitoring at a wheel manufacturer. In the last session of day 1, attendees can expect a presentation about the applied artificial intelligence in predictive maintenance.

Day two will be opened by keynote speaker Lumir Boureanu, CEO of compacer. He will use various examples from the field of mechanical engineering and the manufacturing industry to present approaches and success stories on how Industry 4.0 can succeed. He will also draw attention to the trends and the need of thinking outside the box. In his view, digital transformation is not a single project, but rather an ongoing strategy that must be constantly reassessed and adjusted.

In topic block 3 of the Port Integration Days 2021, we will highlight the option of using new technologies to ensure greater visibility when it comes to an effective energy management.

Attendees will get to see the SCADA software and visualization platform and how it provides situational awareness with unified, real-time, historical, and alarm information for an effective energy management. The next presentation will be a customer story on the use of data integration platforms at the HHLA TK Estonia Terminal to promote effective energy management in accordance with ISO 50001.

After an intensive look on how to connect systems with systems, the event will focus in its fourth topic block about how to connect stakeholders within a port or terminal.

The first session will highlight ways to organise and connect small and mid-size companies (SME´s) with larger stakeholders within a port community, thereby providing all stakeholders with equal access and visibility to the cargo flow information within the supply chain. Attendees can look forward receiving first-hand learning from implementation of a multi-port community system. A customer success story about the implementation of a terminal community system in the Container Terminal Odessa will finish this block.

The event will provide enough time for question-and-answer discussion with all experts.

If you have not registered yet, feel free to visit the event homepage here: https://bit.ly/3a3Svlz

We look forward to welcoming you!

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