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Hamburg Port

HPC and Sellhorn support the Government of St. Lucia to develop an effective organizational structure for its infrastructure ministry

St. Lucia is located in the Caribbean hurricane belt. Over the past decades, natural hazards have repeatedly caused significant damage to the country’s infrastructure, thereby also disrupting essential services and presenting setbacks for major sectors of the economy. In order to reduce St. Lucia’s vulnerability to weather-induced disasters, the government aims to implement an organizational structure in its Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy (DIPE), which enables efficient disaster prevention measures and allows fast and flexible reactions in case of emergency.

The objective

Endeavouring to strengthen the country’s resilience to nature hazards, the Government of Saint Lucia is currently in the process of implementing the World Bank-funded Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project/Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (DVRP/PPCR). DIPE plays a focal role in this context, being the responsible agency to mitigate natural disaster impacts and to take care that damage is limited and if occurring, remedied as fast as possible. HPC together with our partner, Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft, was requested to develop a comprehensive strategy for the successful implementation and management of the DVRP/PPCR-related tasks within the ministry.

Our approach

In a first step, the consortium will assess the current organizational structure and the existing staff, equipment and facilities of the department. Based on this assessment, recommendations for institutional, management and operations development will be elaborated. Aspects related to manpower requirements and development, recommendations on the utilization of existing technical resources and annual planning will be considered as well. The outcome will be a comprehensive development and training plan with special focus on the implementation of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Plan improving the Government’s ability to respond to natural disasters.



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