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Hamburg Port

Port Integration Days organised by HPC and compacer

Digitalisation and integration along the supply chain and between stakeholders are amongst the decisive trends driving innovation in logistics. Real-time information and excellent service quality towards clients as well as high operational transparency and flexibility are success factors to stay ahead of the competition as a port, logistics hub and terminal.

HPC and integration solution provider compacer were pleased to welcome various guests from the international port, transport and logistics industry on the occasion of their joint Port Integration Conference on 18/19th February in Hamburg. The conference provided participants with valuable insights on best practices and state-of-the art solutions from both hosting companies. They had the chance to

  • Learn how digitalisation trends are influencing our industries
  • Gather insights from successfully implemented projects
  • Meet highly experienced industry experts
  • Plan their technology roadmap to meet their strategic objectives
  • Extend their network among fellow port authorities and terminal operators during dedicated networking breaks and the evening event
  • Benefit from cross-industry learning
  • Gain insights into one of the most automated terminals in the world (CTA)

"Port Integration is like an orchestra"

said HPC’s Head of IT Consulting, Dr Stefan Wiech, in his keynote, meaning that all players need to cooperate very closely to make integration a success.




Bimal Caleechurn of Mauritius’s Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd. confirmed that “they talked about real issues that we are facing in our own day-to-day port operations” and liked the interesting and practice-related discussions between the participants.

Panel 1 dealt with the influence of digitalisation and the Internet of Things on logistics and port operations. The terms of AI and IoT were “demystified” and reduced to the question: “What is the specific value for your own company?” HPC’s AI expert Niklas Sikorra presented two real-life AI implementations in our industry that will have a high impact on terminal and port cluster productivities.

Panel 2 was about block chain, data warehouse and the consequences of big data for global logistics while Panel 3 concentrated on Port Community Systems (PCS) and the question of how ports provide services in a web environment. The integration of web portals with real-time operating systems was also discussed. Trends in the global ports were presented and a user report given. HPC’s Pablo Bowen stated that the sample question “Where is my container?” was a key indicator of a port’s level of integration. He believes technology makes up for only 20% of it while the rest is a question of organisation and strategy. “A PCS is a long journey – you need a digital masterplan!”

Finally, Panel 4 dealt with business and systems integration including expectations towards an integration platform and discussing EDI, EAI, automatic test management and automated IT support.

HPC’s and compacer’s conclusion

The event was a full success and participants enjoyed the practice-oriented approach and networking opportunities.

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