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Hamburg Port

There are numerous national and international funding programs in the field of logistics that support the development of IT innovations, environmentally friendly transport solutions or even new energy management systems.

For many logistics companies and transport infrastructure operators, access to the various funding programs is very time-consuming when they deal with them for the first time. The application procedure itself, but also subsequent project administration will be a challenging task for any potential applicant so that some good project idea may not be realized in the end.

Project Objective

With many years of experience and numerous successful applications, we have the expertise to take this job from our customers. With our qualified support, they will still be able to get the necessary co-financing for their future-oriented investments and research projects.

Our Service - Your Advantage

We support our customers with various national programs funding combined transport, the increase of energy efficiency or the use of electro-mobility. At European level, we offer the same service, e.g. for funding applications related to the development of transport infrastructure, research projects or transnational cooperation projects between public administrations of transport infrastructures.

In case the funding programme decides in favour of the proposed project, the applicant will save additional expenses: With quotas of 50-80%, the provided funding will cover the costs for both preparing the application and subsequent project administration.

In April, we have created and submitted four project sketches under BMVI’s program "IHATEC Innovative Port Technologies" for our parent company HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG. The IHATEC programme accompanies HHLA's and other German port managements’ innovation efforts and supports research projects. The focus is on introducing product innovations and new port technologies and driving better use of IT in ports and logistics chains.

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