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Hamburg Port

HPC helps Tanzania's maritime port and transport sector determine HR and training needs

Tanzania’s maritime port and transport sector is most vital for the development of logistics services and hence plays a key role for the overall economic development of the country.

Also, Tanzania serves as trade gateway and transport corridor to its neighbouring landlocked countries. To improve the efficiency of key corridor infrastructure at all levels, the World Bank has initiated the Tanzania Transport Corridor for Growth Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

The objective

With the envisaged improvements, the project will directly contribute to stabilizing the economic conditions in the whole region and thus promote a better overall employment situation.

As properly qualified manpower plays a significant role to bring Tanzania’s services in this industry up to international standard, our current assignment will contribute to strengthen the manpower basis in Tanzania's maritime transport sector. We will support this objective by carefully evaluating the current human resources’ qualifications in the industry and derive future needs.

Our challenge

Tanzania has some well-established training institutes serving their maritime sector. The World Bank now supports an evaluation of the training needs as well as of the capacity, ressources and curriculum of those education facilities. While assessing the country’s labour market, HPC will especially check on those training institutes’ capabilities to cater for the demand of the maritime port and transport industry. Based on this evaluation, we will elaborate business plans for the four major training providers, tailor-made to the industry’s requirements and market demands.



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