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Hamburg Port


The Port of Rijeka Authority was looking for opportunities to increase the port’s efficiency and capacity by establishing an off-dock terminal about 20 km inland of the port. The off-dock terminal services are planned to include cargo storage, stuffing and stripping of containers and hence serve as additional capacity to the Port of Rijeka.

Our Challenge

HPC assessed the risks and chances of the project in a pre-feasibility study. This includes a volume forecast, for which we interviewed various stakeholders of the supply chain like the Port itself, terminal operators, forwarders and rail operators to determine the potential value creation. The volume potential was translated into a layout for the future terminal, defining demand-driven development phases. While the first construction phase comprises rail links, container storage areas and gate facilities, the second phase will add warehouse capacity and further value add support service facilities. The concept was finally assessed in a financial analysis considering CAPEX, OPEX and revenues to judge the commercial viability of the project.

Benefit to the Client

With our findings suggesting the economic feasibility of the project, the Port of Rijeka Authority was able to use our study to promote their off-dock facility strategy with the Port’s supervisory board, representatives of the city of Rijeka and the regional government to raise the necessary funds for the development, further fostering the strong position of Port of Rijeka in the region. Complementary, the study also provides the Port with a basis for well-founded discussions with potential future stakeholders and terminal users.



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