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Hamburg Port

Our Challenge

Looking at the overload of road transport, the ever-increasing demand for more transport capacity and the emission targets for 2030, HPC has identified the market potential for an innovative intermodal terminal in Reutlingen and designed a concept for the terminal on behalf of the city of Reutlingen in central Baden-Württemberg.

Our Approach

We have interviewed the different market participants such as railway operators, terminal operators and forwarders, and analysed current and future volumes. On the basis of this data, we determined the potential handling volume and the requirements for the terminal and derived a concept that considers the future service offering, layout, material flow and performance of the terminal as well as associated costs and risks.

Benefit to the Client

With our market and concept study, we provided the city of Reutlingen with an independent assessment of the market potential and a draft concept for the terminal. Both serve as basis for the next planning phases, i.e. looking at the market demand in more detail, defining the requirements for terminal equipment and IT and determining business processes. Another important step will consist of simulating and determining optimisation potentials.

As a subsidiary of HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and associate company of Metrans, HPC is the ideal project partner for the city of Reutlingen: We offer first-hand experience and expertise in the planning and operation of innovative container terminals and intermodal terminals.



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