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Hamburg Port

HPC contributes to green cruise port operations in the Baltic Sea Region

HPC was awarded to prepare a Green Cruise Port Action Plan promoted by the EU’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme. The Green Cruise Port Project embraces 20 partners, including port authorities and cruise lines. Geographically it covers all BSR countries as well as the neighbouring North Sea.

The objective: “Green cruise port transformation”

With the Green Cruise Port Action Plan, HPC helps the project partners achieve a high level of ecological, social and economic sustainability, which is key to a further growth of the cruise industry in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Bringing cruise port operations onto an eco-friendly path is even more crucial in the light of the customers’ increased ecological awareness and ever stricter environmental regulations.

Our approach

The Action Plan we prepared reflects the project partners’ vision and most important sustainability goals, considering both legal and stakeholder requirements in detail. We focussed on identifying, classifying and evaluating a broad range of measures to improve the level of sustainability in cruise ports. Apart from more common solutions like on-shore power supply, wind power and solar energy, the proposed measures also include innovative systems such as seawater source heat pumps, mobile LNG barges and alternative cooling concepts such as a special transport refrigeration unit powered by liquid nitrogen.

Our findings are based on studies carried out throughout the Green Cruise Port Project period starting in 2016, on the results of various workshops as well as external data sources.



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