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Hamburg Port

HPC assists Puerto Central S.A. (PCE) in managing their growing business

PCE has approached us to assist in preparing and optimising their storage yard in San Antonio/Chile by a yard simulation and optimisation study. The study will analyse and identify the most efficient yard setup for increasing handling volumes per call and heavy peak situations, and determine required numbers of container handling equipment by means of our dynamic terminal simulation tool, HPCsim.

The objective

The project’s aim is to prepare PCE’s operations for an ever growing demand in peak season.

Our challenge

Together with PCE, our colleagues, Dr Nils Kemme and Pascal Brockmann analyse current operations in order to identify optimisation approaches. The main challenge is to harmonise the requirements of the growing multi-purpose operations – RoRo, bulk and containers – within the given footprint of PCE’s terminal concession in order to ensure PCE’s excellent quayside productivity for the future.



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