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Hamburg Port

HPC currently conducts a study on marketing measures and strategies for the WBCG Walvis Bay Corridor Group in Namibia in cooperation with CDC Corridor Development Consultants. Initiating the project, we carried out comprehensive market surveys in Namibia’s hinterland throughout the last months. The next step is now to prepare precise marketing strategies, which consider the identified needs of the target groups.

The objective

The study aims at developing specific, collective marketing strategies for WBCG to assist simulating the growth of cargo volumes on the Walvis Bay Corridor.

Our challenge

Besides supplying the national market, Walvis Bay also serves as international gateway for neighbouring landlocked countries. Hence, the variety of destinations, origins and stakeholders requires specific, tailored marketing strategies. The major challenge of this project is harmonising existing and to be newly established measures – to ensure effectiveness of each strategy on its own as well as of the strategies combined.



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