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Hamburg Port

First container ever transported on the river Ganges with support from HPC

Since the beginning of 2017, HPC advises the National Inland Waterway Authority of India (IWAI) on the implementation of inland waterway transport on the National Waterway-1, which includes large parts of the river Ganges. India has a millennia-long culture of using their holy river Ganges for cultural, social and economic purposes.

The objective

Given the congestion of road and rail infrastructure, the transport of goods on large inland waterway vessels will now be intensified according to the European model with support from the World Bank. The transport of containers represents a significant new step in the development of inland waterway transport on India's National Waterway-1.

Our challenge

Together with a local partner, HPC brings together shippers and inland waterway operators in this still young market and organizes the loading, as well as the pre- and post-carriage to the loading points. Following the transport of mainly bulk goods such as building materials, animal feed and timber over the last one and a half years, the shipment of a total of sixteen 20' containers for a large beverage producer from Kolkata in eastern India to Varanasi (about 1,400 km away) was organized for the first time. HPC had already been involved in the feasibility study for this terminal in 2015. Prime Minister Modi and the Minister of Transport, Gadgarin, will receive the transport as part of the opening of India’s first inland container terminal on November 11 in Varanasi.



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