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Although logistics experts and politicians are promoting innovative and sustainable means of transportation, globally, trucks are still the backbone of transport logistics. In Europe, about 75% of all cargo transports are still performed by trucks (www.statista.com, 2020). As a consequence, roads and highways are filled with truck queues. In particular, around ports, trucks with container loads are a dominant picture, often leading to reduced traffic flow and congestion. In fact, almost every port experience traffic problems.

Hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels has been discussed for decades. But only recently since the publication of the German government's National Hydrogen Strategy has the topic bounced back on the agenda in Germany. In view of the manifesting climate change, hydrogen has the potential to play a major role in the upcoming energy transition. Whether in the chemical or steel industry, in transport or in the heating sector, the possibilities for GHG savings by using green hydrogen are manifold.

HPC is delighted to announce their participation in this new format of the Expo that will take place virtually for the first time for COVID-19 reasons. The fair was initiated by the German foreign chambers of commerce in Latin America as a platform to promote business networking, virtual workshops, and online consultancy on Latin America level. HPC will use this occasion to chat with visitors and discuss current questions about supply chain, port and terminal logistics, hinterland activities and how digitalisation helps overcome current challenges. The Expo Virtual Alemania Latinoamérica will take place from 14 to 17 July 2020.

When face-to-face meetings e.g. during conferences are impossible, creating alternatives for offline networking is vital. Especially, when it comes to a matter of significance as the impact of the corona virus on terminal operations. At least from our perspective. As a partner to the terminal and port sector, we at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting have been looking for an opportunity to provide an intimate environment that allows the open exchange of experiences for terminal operators; and found it in the form of a virtual chat.

About 50 select representatives of terminal operators from 18 countries spanning five continents have attended the HPC Online Exchange Forums, conducted during the past month, actively discussing the measures taken in response to Covid-19. The main focus was on safety, how to protect the workforce and how to organise terminal operation processes and vessel visits to ensure business continuity, as well as how this could affect market developments and growth moving forward.

In a world which revolves around the needs of global markets and infinite growth on a finite planet, our economies are heavily stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting into personal tragic fates and a halt in demand and consumption.

These consequences are in the spotlight for good reasons and I do not intend to downplay them, but I cannot help but wonder how large the ecologic footprint will be when we as a society and especially the marine industry, return to business.

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