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Hamburg Port


Challenging the business by resetting the focus towards service quality

The container shipping industry is a volatile industry defined by low margins and high expenditure. Every year, the business needs to react to new technical developments, economic or legal constraints. HPC develops shipping strategies to consolidate in-between advanced commercial business models and increasingly sophisticated processes and IT solutions. We assist you in managing global challenges and finding niches that require your strengths and capacities.

Are you prepared to accept a dare? We want to challenge the industry’s status quo by designing shipping processes efficiently, trustworthy and user-friendly. The created added value can thus be used to increase transport rates.

Why HPC?

Our expert team of senior consultants combines long-standing experience from top-level shipping line management with shipping agents’ knowhow and a deep understanding of related IT procedures and digitalisation requirements. With this collected expertise, we are your partner in understanding the service needs of your customers and in implementing necessary changes.

Our capacities and experience serve the whole logistic chain with shipping in its centre surrounded by changing constraints and developing technical and digital opportunities. We consider the shipping economics matching the supply and demand sides in logistics and assist you in designing and implementing practical innovative business solutions.

Your benefits

We provide what it takes to make the most out of your potential. By supporting you in the efficient use of your data, we help you generate quality values to make a difference as compared to your competitors. This will both improve your productivity and create added value for your customers.


Our approach

HPC develops and implements business solutions in ocean shipping with a wide range of specific services to challenge the status quo:

We concentrate on determining potential opportunities that improve margin and create value. For this, we undertake a detailed capacity assessment, including determination of the current and required objective, process and system, along with your corporate potential.

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Organisational and management review
  • Operational performance development
  • Financial improvement programme
  • Public funding acquisition assistance
  • Due diligence


  • M&A assistance
  • Forecast (finance, traffic, operation…)
  • Port authority strategy assistance
  • Specific economic and operational simulation tools
  • Lean maintenance and workshop design
  • Container flow

Our experience

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