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Hamburg Port

Multipurpose Terminals

Providing flexible and efficient operating concepts to create solutions for a modern port

With increasing vessel sizes, high volatility of cargo volumes, stronger competition and an increased demand for supply chain integration, ports are required to adapt. Multipurpose ports and terminals are particularly challenged by the need to optimize their activities and efficiently serve different categories of vessels carrying various types of cargo, being often confronted with limited space. Dealing with a dynamic port landscape and ensuring that all related activities are performed efficiently often requires strategic adaption.

Why HPC?

With a strong knowledge base and a proven track record, HPC is your best partner when it comes to the development of future-oriented multipurpose terminals, no matter whether you desire to improve your terminal’s capacity, wish to increase your operational productivity or have a new build terminal or expansion in mind. Together with our strategic, operational and economic expertise we support you in every development and implementation phase of your multipurpose terminal project, considering every facility’s individuality.

Your benefits

We offer more than 40 years of consulting experience in business development, process analysis and planning projects. With our multidisciplinary approach and our independency of devices and manufacturers as well as our strong operational background we are a reliable partner when it comes to successful terminal planning.



Our approach

After cooperatively defining the project objectives with our Clients and a comprehensive analysis of physical conditions and market potentials on the ground, we develop tailor-made options for efficient operation processes and modern layouts. Our operating concepts are demand driven and characterized by optimal phased strategies for a sustainable use of financial resources.

In order to ensure the success of multipurpose terminal projects, both economically and socio-economically, the development of viable business concepts up to the evaluation of environmental and social effects is one of our core competences. Our product range includes

  • Terminal development concepts and feasibility studies
  • Market analyses and forecasts for cargo and passenger as well as vessel traffic
  • Conceptual designs, capacity and process analysis, and visual simulation of operational processes
  • Financial viability assessments for terminal development concepts


  • Strategy development and implementation support
  • Sustainability and environmental protection concepts
  • Social impact assesssments
  • Cost benefit analysis and economic impact assessments
  • Transaction advisory support to governments and investors

We further prepare your terminal for the successful implementation and usage of equipment (hardware, software) by providing tailored solutions and accompanying the implementation process up to commissioning. This includes the following activities:

  • Business process modelling
  • Integration management
  • IT Strategy
  • Technical specifications
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Operations manual

Our experience

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