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Hamburg Port

Marine Shipping

Mastering the challenges is the key success of our team

The shipping industry is quite a volatile industry. Every year, new challenges emerge, induced mainly by technical developments and economic or legal constraints. HPC develops your strategy to compete in-between emerging marine innovations on the purchase side and increasing consolidation on the demand side. We assist you in managing global challenges and finding niches that require your strengths and capacities.

Why HPC?

HPC capacities and experience serve the whole logistic chain with marine shipping in its centre surrounded by changing economic constraints and developing technical and digital opportunities. We consider the network economics matching the supply and demand sides in logistics and assist you in designing and implementing innovative business solutions.

Your benefits

We provide what it takes to make the most out of your potential. While we are the experts seeing the overall picture with all your opportunities, you will be able to focus on your strengths.


Our approach

HPC develops and implements business solutions in marine shipping with a wide range of specific services:

  • Market and logistic network studies
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Business plans
  • Due diligence
  • M&A assistance
  • Empty container logistics
  • Integration of intermodal hinterland connections in liner services
  • Nautical simulation


  • Simulation-based optimisation of tug and pilot boat operations
  • Cargo handling simulation
  • Traffic and cargo simulation in maritime networks
  • Business development and implementation of ferry services
  • Public funding acquisition assistance related to innovative and sustainable investments
  • IT strategy and integration management
  • Lean maintenance and workshop design

Our experience

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