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Intermodal Rail Terminals

Managing growth and increasing efficiency in intermodal terminals

Managing growth in intermodal traffic is one key challenge of our Clients. Be it greenfield projects, terminal expansions and conversions or network optimisations, it is required to develop the projects in a comprehensive way, focussing on operational requirements and financial viability. HPC has rich experience in all areas and offers integrated solutions covering all aspects of our Clients’ challenges to manage growth and increase efficiency.

Why HPC?

HPC has extensive knowledge of intermodal markets and is the leading consultant when it comes to the design and implementation of integrated and balanced terminal solutions. With our vast experience in the automation of container terminals, HPC is at the forefront of driving innovation and facilitating automation in the intermodal industry. From small reach-stacker terminals to large terminals with automated RMG cranes – HPC has done it all and is your partner of choice, with a proven track record in all fields of the business.

Your benefits

Key to the intermodal terminal services offered by HPC are the thorough analysis of relevant framework conditions, the sound knowledge of intermodal operations and innovative technologies as well as the rich experience especially in the European and American intermodal industry.

As solutions are developed in close coordination with the Client, layout concepts are tailored to the special characteristics of the individual project, enabling a solution perfectly fitted for your requirements.

The optimised terminal designs developed by HPC allow for smooth operations and the comprehensive analysis including operational and financial aspects support our Clients’ decision-making process towards efficient terminal operations and profitable investments. Furthermore, a unique asset of HPC’s services is the interdisciplinary approach that combines the different viewpoints of our experts, guaranteeing a comprehensive project development for the benefit of the Client.


Our Approach

HPC has established a multi-stage approach for the development of intermodal terminals that is being highly valued by our Clients.

An initial fact finding (including detailed site visit) sets the basis for elaborating this kind of projects. In close coordination with the Client, project objectives as well as technological and operational options and their applicability to the site are determined

Together with volume and performance expectations and the analysis of local conditions and existing data, this is the foundation of the planning framework for the actual development of a set of layout concepts. Efficient and innovative layout concepts are then developed, in case of expansion projects also reflecting potential current bottlenecks. A clear focus is on balancing terminal resources, assuring smooth operations.

During an interactive workshop on layout concepts, the different concepts are intensely discussed together with the Client, aiming at selecting a number of options for further evaluation and refinement.

The refinement of selected concepts includes the preparation of a smart phasing plan in order to improve financial viability. In some cases, i.e. very complex terminal projects, it is required to validate the elaborated concepts by means of a dynamic simulation. A simulation reflects the different interactions on the terminal in a dynamic way and therefore provides a better understanding of e.g. peak situations. Our in-house terminal simulation tools – customised to your requirements – will bring the final bit of precision to our terminal development approach and allow assessing even the most critical dynamic question which may arise. Our in-house tools have been proven in a multitude of projects and underlay constant improvement to reflect all state-of-the-art industry standards.

We further thoroughly analyse operational and financial impacts (CAPEX, OPEX, NPV, etc.) in order to compare the different layout concepts. The results of these analyses are the base for solid recommendations that serve as a decision basis for our Clients.

Having decided for the implementation of the concept, HPC’s experts are further supporting the project. On the equipment side, our experts assist in the procurement process by elaborating tailor-made equipment specifications, supporting in negotiations with successful bidder/s and surveillance during construction and commissioning of the equipment to make sure our Clients receive what is required from an operational perspective.

Also on the IT end, our specialists provide valuable support to our Clients, defining requirements for Terminal Operating Systems based on the modelling of business processes, and providing assistance in software tender projects and developing new features for existing software, no matter if for any small facility or any technology-driven hub terminal.

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