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Hamburg Port

Governments, Communities, Ports

With our long-standing experience in the maritime and transport sector we constantly feel the pulse of the industry. Our continuous involvement brings what it takes to solve all market-related matters affecting governments, communities and ports. Our competences include detailed assessment of the economic environment’s potential, laying a solid foundation for projection of traffic potential and traffic flows. Also, as part of our activities in the sector, we factor economic cost and benefits such as environmental and social aspects. At last, the determination of the economic impact on GDP growth and labour market are core indicators commonly prepared for our clients in the public sector.

In short, we offer services to assess, develop and evaluate the following activities:

  • Market studies
  • Transport demand modelling
  • Tariff studies
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Master planning
  • Privatisation

Why HPC?

With this segment, we assist a broad range of entities in the public sector such as governments, authorities and financing institutes. During our history of more than 40 years of experience we have been working with all major development banks and various governments. Economic and port master plans are key services in this segment together with privatisation projects as well as economical and financial assessment of terminals, ports or whole industrial or geographical zones.

HPC combines operational know-how with technical and economic expertise, which makes its services unique in this market segment.

Your benefits

Knowing the economic and financial effects of your project is a major element for promoting it among all parties involved, such as port communities, investors and institutions, e.g. financing institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations. In this course it is eminent to be aware of potentials, key drivers and risks of your undertaking to be able to have the right answers at hand at any time for any purpose.

With our assistance, you will get a thorough roadmap for the strategic development of your ports, terminals and adjacent industry, thus being able to quantify benefits arising from it, including economic and socio-economic justification.

At last, we will provide you a bankable project structure from renowned management consultancy helping to attract potential investors.


Our approach

Our key objective is to develop a comprehensive approach towards future port and terminal planning. This includes the assessment of the economic and technical viability of all anticipated development projects. The provision of a sound decision-making framework to manage potential risks and the aim to generate improved economic and financial results are core factors driving our work.

The work to be accomplished includes detailed analyses of the market potential and traffic forecast. Based on the specific operational requirements, cost estimates for infra- and superstructure will be determined and evaluated. Both elements will then lay a solid foundation for the economic and financial analysis, which are required to e.g. develop financing models and evaluate PPP opportunities.

As a further benefit, gap analyses identifying available and required capacities may be carried out in order to propose necessary capacity building strategies and roadmaps. Also, guidance of tender processes may be carried out, including concession fee estimation, bid management, contract negotiation and subsidy estimation.

With our long-standing experience and our senior expertise in the back of our hand, we have developed proven and continuously improved in-house tools supporting our work. Customised for the specific requirements of the individual tasks our tools include proven and state-of-the-art economic and mathematical models.

Our experience

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