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Hamburg Port

Cruise Terminals

Cruising on the wave of success

The cruise shipping industry has become a major growth factor in the port industry. Port authorities and terminal operators – previously engaged with cargo handling – have turned towards the handling of cruise vessels and passengers benefitting from significant business opportunities and contributing to tourism and branding of the relevant port city.

Why HPC?

Since more than 40 years, HPC has been supporting customers worldwide in the development, conceptual design, operation and optimisation of passenger and cargo terminal industry issues.

HPC lives a clear owner’s perspective, supporting you in offering a maximum of terminal and operational quality to the industry, while bearing in mind sustainable commercial success and competitiveness.

Your benefits

More than 40 years of consulting experience in business development, process analysis, conceptual design and planning projects ensure a high integrity of our services and the leading edge in terminal technology, which is required to stay competitive and attractive in the very dynamic market of cruise industry.


Our approach

HPC covers the overall cruise terminal design path from first conceptual design ideas and market analysis to the start-of-operation concept.

Due to its multidisciplinary approach and competencies HPC’s team of experts makes sure that the important hinterland access by air, railway and public transport system is considered and takes care of seamless arrival and departure procedures for cruise passengers.

  • Market analysis for cruise ports and terminals including an analysis on regional economic effects
  • Conceptual planning, capacity and process analysis, in formation technology set up and systems, visual simulation of operational processes
  • Operations, commercial and marketing management of cruise terminals


  • Support in strategy development of cruise ports and locations (cruise cluster development)
  • Sustainability and environmental protection concepts for cruise terminals

Our experience

For example, HPC verified the design of the Cruise Center No 1 in the Hamburg Port City, reducing space requirements for cruise passenger operations and leaving more space for the shopping and commercial area. Finally, this approach led to competitive passenger handling costs increasing the attractiveness of this terminal for the growing cost sensitivity of the cruise industry.

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