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The Challenge

Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) is operating one of the largest rail networks in the United States. Among many other UP terminals throughout the western and mid-western part of the United States, UP is operating four intermodal terminals in the Chicago area, Illinois. Currently these terminals are operating at or close to design capacity. Therefore, HPC prepared a Master Plan on four UP intermodal terminals in the Chicago area. The aim was to increase the capacity of all four terminals by both process re-design as well as altering the operational concepts, e.g. implementation of wide-span cranes. Also a strategy had to be developed for the definition of the order of construction at the four facilities as well as for the allocation of volumes between the facilities during construction phases.

Tasks Performed

  • Analysis of UPRR-based forecast of volumes and train schedules
  • Analysis of operations pattern for the four facilities in Chicago
  • Considerations on possible future terminal operations patterns at the facilities
  • Preliminary development of multiple design alternatives for the terminals
  • Evaluation of different layout alternatives for all four terminals
  • Elaboration of two final layouts per facility to be evaluated in-depth and two additional layouts for one facility
  • In-depth evaluation of two final layouts per facility including all relevant operational and financial aspects
  • Assessment of possible allocation of volumes between the four Chicago facilities during construction periods
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report including all findings and results of the project

Benefit to Client

The Client was provided options as to how to individually develop the terminals but, more importantly, how to increase overall capacity in the region, optimizing the financial viability.


Christoph Schoppmann

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Christoph Schoppmann
Project Director & Intermodal Expert

Dr. Sven Barckhahn

Dr. Sven Barckhahn
Intermodal Expert

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