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Hamburg Port
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The Challenge

Rostock Port GmbH owns and manages various cargo handling and cruise terminals in the seaport of Rostock, Germany, one of the most important ferry and RoRo ports in the Baltic Sea region, which is connected to the Sea via an artificial approach channel. In view of the forecasted growth in vessel volumes and sizes, Rostock Port expects an increasing utilization of the approach channel, which may become a bottleneck for the port leading to disturbances of vessel traffic. Against this background, Rostock Port has assigned HPC Hamburg Port Consulting to conduct a study, assessing today’s and future capacity of the approach channel and determining efficient operational and constructional measures to improve its performance, both by means of HPC’s simulation tool MARINEsim.

Tasks Performed

  • Forecasted vessel traffic volumes
  • Develop simulation model of the Port of Rostock in MARINEsim
  • Analyse performance and capacity of approach channel with simulation model under as-is conditions
  • Guide improvement workshops with Client’s key personnel
  • Develop operational and constructional improvement measures
  • Evaluate efficiency of improvement measures by means of simulation
  • Provide recommendations for immediate actions and long-term improvement measures

Benefit to Client

  • Accurate assessment of the performance and capacity of the approach channel
  • Identification of future bottlenecks
  • Recommendation of efficient improvement measures to increase performance and capacity of the approach channel
Dr. Nils Kemme

+49 40 74008-191

Dr. Nils Kemme
Project Director & Simulation Expert

Manuel Borsch

Manuel Borsch
Terminal Planning & Logistics

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