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The Challenge

This project was elaborated by HPC’s former subsidiaries UNICONSULT and HPTI. The three companies combined their competencies and services in the course of a merger in July 2017. The technical assistance program for institutional support to the Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration (VIWA) under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) was to enhance inland waterway transport as part of a multi-modal transport system and support VIWA in managing the inland waterways network. The project aimed to support VIWA in assessing, implementing and evaluating a holistic, strategic and integrated capacity enhancement framework providing a continuous, proactive and methodical process for VIWA. It also enabled them to make key decisions, thus strengthening their capability to implement and achieve plan objectives. HPTI was in charge of the institutional development by analysing the organisational structure of VIWA and contributing to its renewal. They provided training to the different branches of VIWA and took care of the implementation of environmental standards in the inland waterways sector of Vietnam.

Tasks Performed

  • Define VIWA’s objectives and responsibilities (mission), performance-based vision and organisational structure
  • Review, update/complete, supplement policies and regulations development of strategy and transport planning
  • Develop the 5-year master strategy plan 2013-2018 on inland waterway (IW) management, adapting the goals and the feasibility of the IW industry and state budget for the industry
  • Evaluate and seek measures to strengthen VIWA’s management capacity
  • Support VIWA in management over its property systems
  • Assist the Project Management Unit - Southern Inland Waterways (PMU-SIW)
  • Assist the provinces to identify requirements for investment on IW infrastructure over the coming years and manage the asset system

Benefit to Client

Norbert Zimmert

 +49 40 74008-191

Norbert Zimmert
Responsible for Personnel & Training

Tatiana Eggert

Tatiana Eggert

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