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Hamburg Port

The Challenge

Recent development of hinterland transport in Africa shows a widely skewed distribution towards road traffic even though road transport is generally considered less environmentally friendly than lake transport. The World Bank commissioned HPC to conduct a study – using the example of Lake Victoria in Tanzania – to demonstrate and inform policy makers of the importance of inland waterway transport and to identify suitable measures for the promotion of such transport.

Tasks Performed

  • Assess the transport situation on and around Lake Victoria
  • Design and conduct a large-scale data collection program (traffic counts, O/D surveys and industry surveys) at Lake Victoria
  • Elaborate a statistical methodology (logit model) to assess the main determinants of mode choice (road transport vs. lake transport) at Lake Victoria
  • Assess regulatory and institutional environment for road and lake transport
  • Identify policy recommendations to incentivize lake transport
  • Review technologies of road and lake transport to calculate fuel consumption and emissions
  • Field study to measure actual fuel consumption and emissions at Lake Victoria
  • Estimate the potential for emissions savings arising from the promotion of lake transport

Benefit to Client

  • Demonstrate the importance of green logistics in Africa given the risks of climate change
  • Assessed policy mechanism to incentivize the use of lake transport
  • Hands-on guidelines on how to shape an efficient and low-emission transport sector in the Lake Victoria region
Peter W. Cardebring

 +49 40 74008-191

Peter W. Cardebring
Project Director

Dr. Johannes Schmidt

Dr. Johannes Schmidt
Sustainability Expert

Karin Debacher

Karin Debacher

Werner Schenkirsch

Werner Schenkirsch
Port Operations Expert

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