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Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), the logistics consultant for planning, simulating and implementing a large range of transformation services for ports, marine terminals and intermodal rail, today announced to strengthen the IT strategy of CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal by delivering a comprehensive operational process analysis. Bilbao Container Terminal is now able to better prioritize the strategic decisions towards a further optimization of their terminal performance.

As an affiliated company of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Terminals Spain (CSP), CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal (CSPB) is an important hub in Northern Spain connecting the Iberian Peninsula and South-East France with the main ports in Northern Europe. Its two berthing lines as well as a modern port railway terminal and an automatic gate system for local cargo flows make CSPB a preferred partner within the supply chain.

Following the aim of becoming an integrated intermodal port terminal in which all transport means such as vessel, truck and train converge in one central logistics area, HPC was charged by CSPB to elaborate business process models for the operational processes to define process landscape and IT system landscape. By evaluating various optimization scenarios, the study provides transparency and visibility of the business processes and recommendations for standard operating procedures and strategic decision-making in further investment in both, digital and physical terminal infrastructure.

“Optimizing our terminal processes and adopting our IT infrastructure accordingly require a holistic eco system approach in order to meet the complex challenges of the interoperable nature of an intermodal port,” said Elvira Gallego, General Manager of CSPB. “The results of the optimization study have been eye-opening for what adjustments must and/or are nice to have in order to reach the level of efficiency we aimed at.” 

The business process models HPC elaborated together with the team at CSPB are the foundation for a process management which allows setting up an agile and continuous improvement process in order to react on future market demands more efficiently.

“In a digital age, the optimization of a terminal’s process and IT landscape is one of the urgent but also ongoing optimization strategies for many of our customers,” said Stefan Wiech, Partner and Manager IT Consulting at HPC. “We appreciate the trust and the opportunity to explore new strategies that reflect the increasing interconnectivity of CSPB as an intermodal port service provider aiming to become one of the most sustainable of the region.”

The integration of state-of-the-art information technology with people, operations and cargo handling equipment is one of the cores HPC’s IT consulting services customized for the special needs of every terminal. The scope includes the assessment of business processes, design of IT landscape up to tender support for TOS systems, test and change management as well as the elaboration of sustainable and future-proof IT strategies.

Experienced in operating various terminals, HPC understands the processes at a terminal as well as the need of closer collaboration supported by an increasing technology integration and controlling.

For more information about HPC’s IT-consulting services for ports, marine terminals and intermodal rail, please visit https://www.hamburgportconsulting.com/our-expertise/it-consuting


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